A downloadable game

Episode 2 is in active development, and is expected to release in Q4 2024. While you wait, have a gander at screenshots from the first level!

Having been defeated at the claws of neighborhood-bully-turned-titanic-world-destroyer, Marvin, Shawn finally thaws from his icy prison, only to discover that everything has gone to heck: it's 4000 years in the future, the human race is gone, and the planet has been destroyed - nothing left behind but a dystopian metropolis overrun with monsters.

Once again teaming up with the Muties, Shawn must reluctantly take up the mantle of transmogrified superhero in order to find some way back to the present and stop Marvin once and for all!

  • Shape-shift into four crazy monsters! All four of Shawn's transformations are back, and you'll have to find inventive new ways to use his abilities to beat the game!
  • Explore 18 levels in the second episode! Are you ready for the next round of difficult platforming?
  • 3D pre-rendered graphics! Explore the post-apocalyptic cityscape of the future, once again rendered with loving, retro-sidescroller, pixel-perfect precision!
  • The funky soundtrack continues! The band is back together - G. Calvin Weston, Max Ridgway, Paul Rogalski, and friends have returned to deliver a second dose of funky goodness!